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Mark Tinson is a successful Australian guitarist, Session Player, Record Producer and Tafe Teacher located in Newcastle...

In the 1970's Mark Tinson was involved in numerous bands. Including Bandits with Terry Smith, Bob Fletcher, Phil Butkus, Kim Pink, John Farrell, Alan Dews and Peter Cornish. As well as Bluegrass with Bob Hanley, Phil Walker and Greg Lawler. The Cherries who became Rabbit included Dave Evans, Jim Porteus and Phil Screen. Rabbit a glam-rock was formed in early 1975 from the remaining members of The Cherries. Band members included Greg Douglas, Jim Porteus, Dave Hinds, Phil Screen, Barry Leytton and Dave Evans after leaving AC/DC.

Rabbit signed to CBS Records in 1975 and recorded an album titled Rabbit. In 1976 Rabbit recorded Too Much Rock And Roll and appeared on television pop/rock shows across the country launching them into national popularity. Too Much Rock And Roll was distributed in Japan and throughout Europe. Rabbit next released the single Let Me and Rabbit ended in 1978, following a change of the bands line-up.

Heroes began in October 1977 when Jim Porteus rejoined with Mark Tinson, Phil Screen and musicians Peter De Jong, Greg Dawson and Allan Cook.  Heroes’ music is best described as melodic hard rock. In 1980 the Newcastle based Heroes signed to Alberts/EMI and began the launch of their recorded material.

The first Heroes single Baby's had a Taste was released in October 1980, Waiting for You in August 1980 and The Star and the Slaughter with End of the Road in January 1981. Baby's Had a Taste and The Star and the Slaughter reached #1 on local charts. The Heroes broke up following the Newcastle Star Hotel riots

Mark Tinson joined Swanee along with Phil Screen in 1983, recording two albums with Swanee including: Ready for Action! Live in the Snow. He was a guest artist numerous bands including:  Anvil Chorus with Barry 'Buzzsaw' Adams, Grant 'Zac' Lawson, John-Boy Whitbread, Stevie MacDonald, Trevor Dare, Bob Spencer (Angels), Craig T Foster and Steve 'Mac' McLennan.

He also played giutar and was a vocalist in The Orphans with Les Gully, Pam Gully, Jeff Dunn, Greg Dawson, Gordon McLean, Ray Arnott, Dennis Butler, Dave Carter, Ian Crawford, Tony Heads, Peter Wholohan, Terry Lantrey, Jan Manning, Gil Mouat, Michael Punch, Phil Screen, Michael Stove, Steve Werren, Julie Wilson, Steve Wilson, Kevin Wyatt and Rob Coxon.  Special guests with The Orphans included: John Paul Young, Warren Morgan, John 'Swanee' Swan, Dennis Wilson, Jamie Redfern, Mick Tucker, Bob Spencer, Brett Johnson, Bruce Derkenne, John and Trevor Parkinson. Mark Tinson played with the band Fabulous Colours in the eighties, band members included Tony Heads, Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Brien McVernon and Garry Wilson.

In the late 1980's Mark had formed the band Tex Pistols who were signed to Larrikin Records. He recorded artists including The Idols in which Mark Tinson also made guest appearances with John Shelley, Mike (Vee) Visser, Trevor Dare, David Hinds, Graham Whittingham, Al Wade and Steve 'Mac' McLennan.

From the late eighties and into the 1990's Raiding Party, a party rock band playing covers and original songs was formed in Newcastle Australia with Ian 'Candy' Sandercoe, James Davis, Brien McVernon, Gary Wilson, and Mark Tinson: guitar and vocals. Later Gary Wilson was replaced on drums by Steve 'Mac' McLennan. Raiding Party released their first single Loveland, which charted on the Australian National Charts followed by Til Love Makes Me Cry, recorded with Col Joy and produced by Mark S Berry. Raiding Party played over two hundred shows in a 12 month period, received multiple radio rotation on singles and moved from 38 to nine on the Newcastle Charts within a week.

In 1991 Mark joined Ted Mulry Gang and toured with the band until 2001. In the nineties he wrote King of the Ranges with Steve Gibson and Mark Hoppe, eventually releasing the same titled single. Mark performed in Soda Jerks with Brien McVernon: vocal and bass and Gary Wilson: guitar.

He recorded travel cd's for Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa's Allan McFadden in 1999 and The Midnight Howlers album Howlin' at Overhead Studios in Newcastle.

In 2000 Mark penned all but 2 songs on Julie Wilsons release. Tracks include Close Your Eyes, Don't Cross The Line and the Joni Mitchell classic Yellow Taxi. In 2002 the pair was awarded via the Australian Gospel Song writing Competition for Outstanding Gospel Lyrics Award for More like You.

He played guitar, mandoline and programmed in the Newcastle band: Weld with Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Ngariki, Pete 'Cyd' Lindsay,Trevor Dare, Christine Lindsay, Pete Johns, Julie Wilson, Sue Carson, Glenn Hone, Ron Bult and Linda Joon Weatherburn.

2003 The Steelville Cats are a collection of Newcastle guitarists under the direction of Mark Tinson. Two instrumental tracks took out first and second place respectively in the 2003 Australian Songwriters Association Awards.

In late 2004 Mark was contacted by Dave Evans. Dave states 'We both had demos of songs or ideas for songs and we agreed to get together again along with some of our friends and former band mates to record an album which Mark would produce'. Produced and Recorded by Mark Tinson in Newcastle, it took three weeks to finish the entire album and it was released in Germany in October 2004.

He is a special guest artists with The Smakka and Waddy Experience: with Ngariki: guitar, vocal and drums, Steve 'Mac' McLennan: guitar, vocal and drums and Special Guest Mark Tinson: Mandolin and piano accordian.

Mark was a coordinator for the 2006 Newcastle Music Week celebrations along with Christina Sykiotis, Grant Walmsley and Craig Rosevear.  Mark penned songs for Steve Gibsons 2007 album Road To Anywhere with Steve and Mark Hoppe. From Steve Gibsons website: 'The unique combination of Gibson, Tinson and Hoppe as songwriters delivered songs which critics in Nashville and Australia are labelling as nothing short of fantastic!

In April 2007 Newcastle University made a 50 minute documentary on Fort Scratchley and the music was written by Mark Tinson.



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